Majo Fernández aka Mikuna.

I studied Fine Arts in the Faculty of San Carlos, Valencia (Spain). Yes, the old faculty, it was really cool.

After finishing my degree, I decided it was time to specialize and I studied the Master’s Degree in Design and Illustration at the UPV (Valencian Polytechnic University). 

I have always considered languages as a very important part of my work. I have felt adoration for English, that’s why I decided to study it at Wimbledon School of English (London – UK)

Love traveling, cats, drawing and kawaii culture!

Few years ago, I started working as graphic designer at Estudio Javier Argilés in Valencia, while studying Creative Design at the UPV.

While I finished my Master, I decided to request a leave of absence from my job and try with the Leonardo Da Vinci studentship in 2011. I was working for Oort Limited in London (UK). I acquired a unique and different experience of made design!

Mikuna Studio is born from different experiences in these years and every place which I’ve been working. Actually, I’m working as freelance in Berlin, Madrid, Valencia and Albacete too! Mikuna works with a network of funny and professionals collaborators.

I’m glad to say I’m a creative designer and illustrator!